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Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference 2014


worldwide distilled spirits conference 2014Hilary JonesDry Lube Director, and Fellow of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, Hilary Jones presented a poster at the recent Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference, organised by the Scottish Section of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, with delegates from across the world and from a diverse range of spirits producers.

There were some great papers and posters on scientific aspects of production of not only Scotch whisky but also bourbon, brandies, Brazilian cachaca, rum, fruit schnapps, Korean soju, vodkas, Chinese lychee brandy and Japanese schochu.

The key theme of the conference was ‘Future challenges, new solutions’. There was much focus on sustainability, environmental impact and innovation, especially with new packaging configurations to improve marketing performance – for example new glass bottle designs.

Dry Lube’s poster entitled ‘Innovative bottle designs: retaining packaging line performance when introducing new bottle shapes‘ attracted a lot of interest as it included a real life case study describing installation of Dry Lube’s technology to a Scotch whisky line running an inverse-taper 75ml bottle with a high centre of gravity and bottle-to-bottle touch points which confer inherent instability. In this case the company’s problem of high glass wastage and low OEE was overcome virtually instantly once the conveyors were running with Dry Lube providing complete zonal control of coefficient of friction on the parts of the line where the most unstable conditions were being experienced.

Other interests came from the benefits of packaging hall hygiene and safety through having dry floors when using Dry Lube as well as water savings and no impact on effluent.

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