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US Water Shortages Feature in ‘Beverage World’


This month’s edition of Beverage World leads with a feature on Water Shortage, captioned: Beverage companies confront a growing risk of how to do more with less of their most precious resource.  http://www.beverageworld.com/articles/full/17438/water-shortage

water scarcity map

Map credit: “UN World Water Development Report 4. World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP)”, March 2012.

Although drought conditions are most severely impacting beverage production further upstream at the agriculture stage, replacing water based conveyor lubrication with Dry Lube in the packaging process can provide a step in the right direction. In fact, we even wrote about it earlier this year (blog post: when-the-wells-dry-we-know-the-worth-of-water).

dry lubrication south africa


Our technology is used on can, PET, carton, keg, new glass and returnable glass packaging lines across the soft drinks, bottled water, beer, cider and spirits industries.  Contact us for further information or read how our technology delivers water-free packaging lines.


glass bottle line with Dry Lube




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