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Sealed Air (SEE) Bolsters Lube Capabilities with Acquisition of Dry Lube Ltd


Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) announces that it has acquired Dry Lube Ltd and its subsidiary Dry Lube Inc, a specialized, water-free conveyor lubrication technology and service provider for the food and beverage industry. Dry Lube’s leading technology enables brewing, beverage and dairy companies to perform critical conveyor belts lubrication without the use of water.

“The acquisition helps accelerate our Change the Game initiatives and strategy to continue to bring leading sustainable innovations to the market,” said Karl R. Deily, President, Sealed Air’s Food Care Divison. “For the majority of beverage companies, 20 percent of their water usage is related to lubrication and cleaning. Combined with our expertise, Dry Lube enables us to further reduce water usage and treatment costs, create cleaner and safer working environments, and improve operational efficiencies.”

Dry Lube Ltd believes that the combination of their lubricant formulation, distribution system and focus on service has created a new paradigm for the sector. The shared aim of the Dry Lube team and Sealed Air’s Food Care team is to continue to provide Dry Lube’s best-in-class conveyor lubrication service coupled with Sealed Air’s leading global expertise and services.

Read the full press release on the Sealed Air website.




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