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Safety Considerations During Peak Production

Adhering to health and safety guidelines is of utmost importance in the food and beverage industry.  In the UK the accident rate in the sector is still 1.6 times higher than that of other areas of manufacturing1. During peak production periods it is important that injury frequency rate does not increase. Sites with excellent health and safety ... Read More


Target CoF’s to Achieve Operating Efficiency on a Glass Packaging Line

Improving operating efficiencies and maximising throughput whilst minimising environmental impact are conventional strategic objectives of most food and beverage companies.  High up on the agenda for beverage producers is reducing their water to product ratio. Conveyor lubrication using wet lube requires high volumes of water.  Using a water-free conveyor lubrication technology is standard practice in can, ... Read More


Could your Operations be Safer with Dry Lube?

The accident advice helpline reported earlier this year that "slipping, tripping or falling over is the second most common cause of workplace accidents. Usually these are the result of somebody else’s negligence, such as an object being left in the way, or a wet floor not having been signposted".  Information provided on the Health and ... Read More


THOMAS HARDY – Investing in A Sustainable Future with Dry Lubrication

Thomas Hardy produce and package products for many of the leading international brewing companies. Their Kendal site is home to an extremely flexible high speed glass bottling line with a capacity of 360,000 hectolitre per annum. Additionally, Thomas Hardy is renowned for service quality, responsiveness, openness, investment and competitive pricing. The latest investment of water-free lubrication supports ... Read More


Nestle Buxton Natural Mineral Water: A Drop of Environmental Leadership

Nestle to save 20,000 tonnes of water and 450,000 kWhr of energy with the help of dry lubrication. There is no doubt that nature has done the difficult part in making Buxton Natural Mineral Water one of the purest mineral waters in Europe. According to the British Geographical Survey, the water consumed from the source today ... Read More


Halewood International to Save 6 Million Litres of Water With Dry Lubrication

Halewood International, the UK's largest independent drinks manufacturer and distributor, decided to expand their joint collaboration with Dry Lube Ltd. In addition to extending their existing contract by 4 years for 3 stainless steel belt glass lines, Halewood has signed an additional contract for a further line. Products running on the lines include Lambrini, Crabbie's ... Read More


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