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Target CoF Values for a PET Packaging Line

Using a dry lubrication system on a PET bottling filling line can achieve bottle stability by controlling the coefficient of friction. We take a two pronged approach to achieve target coefficients:     Our H1 lubricant is formulated specifically for this application Our zonal distribution method optimises lubricant volumes to meet CoF targets on a zone by zone basis determined by the characteristics ... Read More


Dry Lube’s Customer to Save 1.3 Million Tonnes of Water

In less than 9 years Dry Lube Ltd has helped its increasingly growing customer base to save more than 1.3 Million tonnes of water, 4 Million kWh of power and 20,000 Tonnes of CO2. It is estimated that in 2050, 45% of human kind will live in countries chronically short of water. Sustaining natural resources has ... Read More


Cott Nelson - Driving a pipeline of innovation

Site Engineering Manager Simon Knaggs accepts an award for outstanding environmental achievements with dry lubrication

The following article has been published in Engineering & Maintenance Solutions and Business and Industry Today:  In 2003 Cott, the world’s largest retailer brand beverage company, invested in the dry lubrication systems and expertise of Dry Lube at their site in Nelson to provide their production lines with better efficiencies as well as to meet their ... Read More


ASTON MANOR – Saving Natural Resources With Dry Lubrication

“We installed Drylube in our packaging lines 3 years ago and having previously experienced water based conveyor lubrication, would not consider changing back.  The packaging halls are clean and the floor is dry throughout, which makes for a much more pleasant standing environment for our operators.  The lubricant itself performs very well, albeit at very ... Read More


Nestle Buxton Natural Mineral Water: A Drop of Environmental Leadership

Nestle to save 20,000 tonnes of water and 450,000 kWhr of energy with the help of dry lubrication. There is no doubt that nature has done the difficult part in making Buxton Natural Mineral Water one of the purest mineral waters in Europe. According to the British Geographical Survey, the water consumed from the source today ... Read More


Harrogate Spring Water – Staying Ahead of the Game With Dry Lubrication

Since 2002 Harrogate Spring Water, a subsidiary of the Water Brands Group, has supplied some of the best known companies in retail, foodservice, vending and wholesale with premium quality spring water, renowned for its perfectly balanced mineral content and clean taste. Harrogate is one of the UK’s fastest growing bottled water brands, available in a comprehensive ... Read More


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