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Is your Iconic Bottle Costing you Money?

In a crowded and competitive marketplace packaging innovations are helping brands create competitive advantage at point of sale.  As well as offering lighter and more environmentally friendly packaging, unique and interesting bottle shapes are becoming more readily available.   There are a number of drivers that can influence the decision to change bottle design.  The most ... Read More


Target CoF’s to Achieve Operating Efficiency on a Glass Packaging Line

Improving operating efficiencies and maximising throughput whilst minimising environmental impact are conventional strategic objectives of most food and beverage companies.  High up on the agenda for beverage producers is reducing their water to product ratio. Conveyor lubrication using wet lube requires high volumes of water.  Using a water-free conveyor lubrication technology is standard practice in can, ... Read More


Audit and report your facility’s sustainability best practice

Multiple retailers and large supermarket chains are taking the lead in sustainable business practices, increasingly setting targets which extend down their supply chain network. The targets commonly focus on health & safety, responsible water consumption, efficient energy usage and reduced CO2 emissions. Strategies such as Sainsbury's 20 x 20 Sustainability Plan and Walmart/Asda's Sustain & Save ... Read More


How much can Dry Lube save you in water, energy and chemical costs? Free report

  With rising water, energy and chemical costs food and beverage companies are increasingly investigating alternatives to their current operations. From just a few pieces of information will are able to perform a free Line Efficiency Evaluation which reports on how much a Dry Lube conveyor lubrication system will save you on water usage, energy consumption, carbon ... Read More


Nestlé’s CEO Paul Bulcke Urges For Water to be Given More Value

To avoid a global food crisis Nestle’s CEO Paul Bulcke has urged governments and food & beverage manufacturers to give water more value. At the World Water Week event in Stockholm, Sweden Bulcke spoke out about water scarcity being one of the main reasons for increased tensions between food supply and demand. Bulcke called for governments to ... Read More


5 Key Steps to Preventing Waste in the Supply Chain

In order to eliminate waste, food and beverage companies have to making better product and packaging designs, range and forecasting decisions according to the recent article published in  the Food and Beverage International. Story by James Tupper: Food and beverage manufacturers are increasingly focused on creating more efficient internal processes to save time, money and resources, ... Read More


Dry Lube On the Way to Green Glory!

Dry Lube is proud to announce that it has won the Green Apple Environment Award 2011! We have competed against more than 500 other nominations and will be presented with the Green Apple Award at a glittering presentation ceremony at the House of Commons on November 14. As a result of this success we have been invited ... Read More


Saving More by Using Less – MillerCoors to Move to Dry Lubrication Solutions

It can take as much as eight pints of water to produce one pint of beer . High water and sewage prices as well as greater environmental awareness have increasingly put brewing under pressure to improve its sustainable performance and in particular its use of water, energy and transportation. At MillerCoors, water is everything. From brewing ... Read More


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