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Optimising Can Filling Lines with Dry Lube

Effective conveying of cans between high-value pieces of equipment (filler, pasteuriser etc) is an essential requirement of running an efficient can line.  Traditionally, wet lube (a water and detergent solution) is sprayed onto packaging conveyors to enable cans to glide and facilitate filler speeds of up to 2200 cans per minute. But, spraying water onto the conveyors creates ... Read More


Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference 2014

Dry Lube Director, and Fellow of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, Hilary Jones presented a poster at the recent Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference, organised by the Scottish Section of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, with delegates from across the world and from a diverse range of spirits producers. There were some great papers and ... Read More


Target CoF Values for a PET Packaging Line

Using a dry lubrication system on a PET bottling filling line can achieve bottle stability by controlling the coefficient of friction. We take a two pronged approach to achieve target coefficients:     Our H1 lubricant is formulated specifically for this application Our zonal distribution method optimises lubricant volumes to meet CoF targets on a zone by zone basis determined by the characteristics ... Read More


Abstract Accepted: Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference 2014

Duncan Robb, (Development Director); Hilary Jones (non-exec Director); Ian Wylie (CEO) and Sarah Davenport (Head of Marketing) of Dry Lube Ltd have had their submitted abstract accepted for poster presentation at the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference (WDSC) 2014 taking place in Glasgow on 8 - 11 September. Title: INNOVATIVE BOTTLE DESIGNS: LOVED BY MARKETING, LOATHED BY PRODUCTION. RETAINING ... Read More


Investing in Improved Operations

An increasing number of beverage production companies have converted from traditional wet lube systems to alternative conveyor lubrication solutions which help them improve levels of health and safety in the production hall and reduce their water consumption. Implementing a Dry Lube system will deliver immediate results to meet these corporate objectives.  Slips, trips and falls attributed to conveyor ... Read More


Is your Iconic Bottle Costing you Money?

In a crowded and competitive marketplace packaging innovations are helping brands create competitive advantage at point of sale.  As well as offering lighter and more environmentally friendly packaging, unique and interesting bottle shapes are becoming more readily available.   There are a number of drivers that can influence the decision to change bottle design.  The most ... Read More


Target CoF’s to Achieve Operating Efficiency on a Glass Packaging Line

Improving operating efficiencies and maximising throughput whilst minimising environmental impact are conventional strategic objectives of most food and beverage companies.  High up on the agenda for beverage producers is reducing their water to product ratio. Conveyor lubrication using wet lube requires high volumes of water.  Using a water-free conveyor lubrication technology is standard practice in can, ... Read More


South Africa’s Adoption of Dry Lubrication

The Brewer and Distiller International has published an article about the increasing adoption of dry conveyor lubrication in South Africa and Sub Sahara. The ever increasing demand for water and power reduction initiatives paired with the need for a safe and hygienic packaging environment has pushed several leading Beverage Manufacturers to switch to Dry Lube's ... Read More


Dry Lube’s Customer to Save 1.3 Million Tonnes of Water

In less than 9 years Dry Lube Ltd has helped its increasingly growing customer base to save more than 1.3 Million tonnes of water, 4 Million kWh of power and 20,000 Tonnes of CO2. It is estimated that in 2050, 45% of human kind will live in countries chronically short of water. Sustaining natural resources has ... Read More


THOMAS HARDY – Investing in A Sustainable Future with Dry Lubrication

Thomas Hardy produce and package products for many of the leading international brewing companies. Their Kendal site is home to an extremely flexible high speed glass bottling line with a capacity of 360,000 hectolitre per annum. Additionally, Thomas Hardy is renowned for service quality, responsiveness, openness, investment and competitive pricing. The latest investment of water-free lubrication supports ... Read More

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