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Who will be the 2014 winner of the Environmental and Clean Technology VIBES Award?

Dry Lube is delighted to be an ambassador for the 2014 VIBES (Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland) Awards which are open for entries until Friday 11th July. The awards are free to enter and aim to encourage efficient use of resources, improvement of environmental performance, enhancement of business competitiveness, and support for wider ... Read More


Is your Iconic Bottle Costing you Money?

In a crowded and competitive marketplace packaging innovations are helping brands create competitive advantage at point of sale.  As well as offering lighter and more environmentally friendly packaging, unique and interesting bottle shapes are becoming more readily available.   There are a number of drivers that can influence the decision to change bottle design.  The most ... Read More


Could your Operations be Safer with Dry Lube?

The accident advice helpline reported earlier this year that "slipping, tripping or falling over is the second most common cause of workplace accidents. Usually these are the result of somebody else’s negligence, such as an object being left in the way, or a wet floor not having been signposted".  Information provided on the Health and ... Read More


South Africa’s Adoption of Dry Lubrication

The Brewer and Distiller International has published an article about the increasing adoption of dry conveyor lubrication in South Africa and Sub Sahara. The ever increasing demand for water and power reduction initiatives paired with the need for a safe and hygienic packaging environment has pushed several leading Beverage Manufacturers to switch to Dry Lube's ... Read More


Dry Lube’s Customer to Save 1.3 Million Tonnes of Water

In less than 9 years Dry Lube Ltd has helped its increasingly growing customer base to save more than 1.3 Million tonnes of water, 4 Million kWh of power and 20,000 Tonnes of CO2. It is estimated that in 2050, 45% of human kind will live in countries chronically short of water. Sustaining natural resources has ... Read More


Nestlé’s CEO Paul Bulcke Urges For Water to be Given More Value

To avoid a global food crisis Nestle’s CEO Paul Bulcke has urged governments and food & beverage manufacturers to give water more value. At the World Water Week event in Stockholm, Sweden Bulcke spoke out about water scarcity being one of the main reasons for increased tensions between food supply and demand. Bulcke called for governments to ... Read More


ASTON MANOR – Saving Natural Resources With Dry Lubrication

“We installed Drylube in our packaging lines 3 years ago and having previously experienced water based conveyor lubrication, would not consider changing back.  The packaging halls are clean and the floor is dry throughout, which makes for a much more pleasant standing environment for our operators.  The lubricant itself performs very well, albeit at very ... Read More


Latest news from Nestle Waters, GlassLube 2.0 and CO2 Emissions

  Content   Nestle Buxton Mineral Water - a drop of environmental leadership GlassLube 2.0 - new and improved solution for glass bottles on stainless steel "Wet Lube vs Dry Lube - CO2 emissions   1. Nestle Buxton Mineral Water - A Drop of Environmental Leadership Nestle saves 20,000 tonnes of water and 450,000 kWhr of energy with the help of dry lubrication. There ... Read More


Wet Lube vs Dry Lube – How Much CO2 Can You Save?

Climate-related changes are already being observed all over the world.  These include increases in heavy downpours, rising temperature and sea level, rapidly retreating glaciers, thawing permafrost, lengthening growing seasons, lengthening ice-free seasons in the ocean and on lakes and rivers, earlier snowmelt, and changes in river flows. These changes are projected to grow. Many companies in ... Read More


Nestle Buxton Natural Mineral Water: A Drop of Environmental Leadership

Nestle to save 20,000 tonnes of water and 450,000 kWhr of energy with the help of dry lubrication. There is no doubt that nature has done the difficult part in making Buxton Natural Mineral Water one of the purest mineral waters in Europe. According to the British Geographical Survey, the water consumed from the source today ... Read More


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