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Could your Operations be Safer with Dry Lube?

The accident advice helpline reported earlier this year that "slipping, tripping or falling over is the second most common cause of workplace accidents. Usually these are the result of somebody else’s negligence, such as an object being left in the way, or a wet floor not having been signposted".  Information provided on the Health and ... Read More


Dry Lube’s Customer to Save 1.3 Million Tonnes of Water

In less than 9 years Dry Lube Ltd has helped its increasingly growing customer base to save more than 1.3 Million tonnes of water, 4 Million kWh of power and 20,000 Tonnes of CO2. It is estimated that in 2050, 45% of human kind will live in countries chronically short of water. Sustaining natural resources has ... Read More


Nestle Buxton Natural Mineral Water: A Drop of Environmental Leadership

Nestle to save 20,000 tonnes of water and 450,000 kWhr of energy with the help of dry lubrication. There is no doubt that nature has done the difficult part in making Buxton Natural Mineral Water one of the purest mineral waters in Europe. According to the British Geographical Survey, the water consumed from the source today ... Read More


Latest News from Coca Cola’s, Cott’s and Harrogates Collaboration with Dry Lube!

    1. Interview with Coca Cola Wakefield "Dry Lubrication - For Best Water Use in Plant" The Beverage Innovation Magazine has published an interview with Wayne Boden, Environmental Health and Safety Manager and Angus Kippen Environment Manager at Coca Cola Wakefield outlining their success with Dry Lube! Highlights of the interview with Coca Cola Wakefield: 1. "Dry lubrication ... Read More


Interview with Coca Cola Wakefield/ UK About Their Success With Dry Lubrication

The plant floor is a changing place: neater footprints, lower noise and less water use are all being aided by new moves in conveying. Plastics are replacing metal and dry lubrication is offering a superior method of promoting movement for almost all types of packaging format. Beverage Innovation Managing Editor Claire Phoenix interviews Angus Kippen, ... Read More


Dry Lube Ltd and Holchem Laboratories Form Partnership

04 January 2010 Author: Nicola Wee Dry Lube Ltd, world leader in water-free conveyor lubrications systems has signed a partnership agreement with Holchem Laboratories Ltd, leading supplier of cleaning products and hygiene management solutions, to provide the UK's food and drinks industry with a complete solution for hygiene, cleaning and lubrication. Holchem, based in Lancashire, offer a ... Read More


Halewood International Choose Dry Lube

01 October 2009 Author: Nicola Wee Halewood International, the UK's largest independent drinks manufacturer and distributor, has commissioned Dry Lube's dry lubrication system on a second line at their factory in Liverpool. Dry Lube's system will service the glass on stainless steel belt at Halewood, helping to reduce water wastage, slip, trip and fall incidences as well ... Read More


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