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Optimising Can Filling Lines with Dry Lube

Effective conveying of cans between high-value pieces of equipment (filler, pasteuriser etc) is an essential requirement of running an efficient can line.  Traditionally, wet lube (a water and detergent solution) is sprayed onto packaging conveyors to enable cans to glide and facilitate filler speeds of up to 2200 cans per minute. But, spraying water onto the conveyors creates ... Read More


Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference 2014

Dry Lube Director, and Fellow of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, Hilary Jones presented a poster at the recent Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference, organised by the Scottish Section of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, with delegates from across the world and from a diverse range of spirits producers. There were some great papers and ... Read More


Safety Considerations During Peak Production

Adhering to health and safety guidelines is of utmost importance in the food and beverage industry.  In the UK the accident rate in the sector is still 1.6 times higher than that of other areas of manufacturing1. During peak production periods it is important that injury frequency rate does not increase. Sites with excellent health and safety ... Read More


Is your Iconic Bottle Costing you Money?

In a crowded and competitive marketplace packaging innovations are helping brands create competitive advantage at point of sale.  As well as offering lighter and more environmentally friendly packaging, unique and interesting bottle shapes are becoming more readily available.   There are a number of drivers that can influence the decision to change bottle design.  The most ... Read More


Audit and report your facility’s sustainability best practice

Multiple retailers and large supermarket chains are taking the lead in sustainable business practices, increasingly setting targets which extend down their supply chain network. The targets commonly focus on health & safety, responsible water consumption, efficient energy usage and reduced CO2 emissions. Strategies such as Sainsbury's 20 x 20 Sustainability Plan and Walmart/Asda's Sustain & Save ... Read More


Nestlé’s CEO Paul Bulcke Urges For Water to be Given More Value

To avoid a global food crisis Nestle’s CEO Paul Bulcke has urged governments and food & beverage manufacturers to give water more value. At the World Water Week event in Stockholm, Sweden Bulcke spoke out about water scarcity being one of the main reasons for increased tensions between food supply and demand. Bulcke called for governments to ... Read More


ASTON MANOR – Saving Natural Resources With Dry Lubrication

“We installed Drylube in our packaging lines 3 years ago and having previously experienced water based conveyor lubrication, would not consider changing back.  The packaging halls are clean and the floor is dry throughout, which makes for a much more pleasant standing environment for our operators.  The lubricant itself performs very well, albeit at very ... Read More


Latest News from Coca Cola’s, Cott’s and Harrogates Collaboration with Dry Lube!

    1. Interview with Coca Cola Wakefield "Dry Lubrication - For Best Water Use in Plant" The Beverage Innovation Magazine has published an interview with Wayne Boden, Environmental Health and Safety Manager and Angus Kippen Environment Manager at Coca Cola Wakefield outlining their success with Dry Lube! Highlights of the interview with Coca Cola Wakefield: 1. "Dry lubrication ... Read More


Dry Lube’s African & Middle East Operations – Expanding Non-Stop!

Over the last year Dry Lube's operations in Africa and the Middle East have significantly increased. With installations in Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Namibia, South Africa and more business opportunities ahead, Dry Lube is proud to help address the water & energy needs of a warming continent. A driving contributor for this growth has been our Man ... Read More


Halewood International to Save 6 Million Litres of Water With Dry Lubrication

Halewood International, the UK's largest independent drinks manufacturer and distributor, decided to expand their joint collaboration with Dry Lube Ltd. In addition to extending their existing contract by 4 years for 3 stainless steel belt glass lines, Halewood has signed an additional contract for a further line. Products running on the lines include Lambrini, Crabbie's ... Read More


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