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Dry Lcity brewery logoube Inc is the conveyor lubrication partner of City Brewing Company’s Memphis production facility which produces over 60 million cases a year. It is one of the largest contract beverage producers in the US.

City Brewing Packaging Manager, TJ East, contacted Dry Lube in 2012 with a view to converting his packaging operations to dry lubrication from a wet lubrication system. TJ had experience of working with Dry Lube in previous companies and knew of the benefits and improvements our system could deliver.

A Dry Lube conveyor lubrication system was installed on City Brewing’s can lines 5 and 6 in Q4 2012 with lines 2 and 3 following in June 2013.

The main drivers behind changing from wet lubrication to Dry Lube’s technology was health and safety – the site wanted to reduce biological growth caused by water on the conveyors and provide dry floors for line operators.

Annual environmental benefits that the site receives include:

  • Reduced water consumption by 15 million gallons
  • Lower energy usage by 180,000 kwhrs in energy
  • Less carbon emissions by 140 tonnes


Operational improvements include less fallen cans and no conveyor breakages resulting in improved belt-life.

TJ said “changing from wet lubrication to Dry Lube’s system on our can lines has made significant improvements to our operations. The cans are more stable and the floors around the conveyor are dryer and safer. The added benefit of having a Dry Lube service engineer look after the maintenance and upkeep means we can focus on producing quality beverages for our customers. We are looking forward to working with Dry Lube in the future on our other packaging lines”.

We are looking forward to converting the bottle line later this year.

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