Because we are addressing the operational, environmental and financial needs of our customers in an efficient and reliable manner our international reputation and presence have been growing significantly in the past and Dry Lube is looking at strong growth figures in the upcoming years.

Customers that entrust Dry Lube’s expertise to deliver state of the art conveyor lubrication systems are located worldwide. We currently supply to 5 continents including markets such as Europe, the USA, South Africa, South America and the Middle East.


Top 5 Global customers and their key successes


  • 30% of the US beer production contracted to Dry Lube
  • Up to 41 million litres of water savings per site
  • Up to 14% improvement in can line performance
Coca-Cola Inc. (CCE/CCHBC and ABI South Africa)

  • UK, Romania, Germany and South Africa
  • 40 million litres of water saved at Wakefield in first five years
  • No related Lost Time Incidents in 8 years at Wakefield
SAB Miller

  • Operations in # South African Breweries
  • 29% reduction in COF at Alrode Line 7
  • 3.8 million litres water saving per year at Alrode Line 7


Nestle Waters

  • Operations in the UK
  • 20 million litres of water savings since installations
  • 450,000 KWh reduced power consumption

Cott Beverages

  • 65 million litres of water savings
  • 400 tonnes of CO2 savings
  • Reduced number of fallen bottles

Brewing is a high speed environment that requires meeting the highest standards of food safety whilst maximising productivity.

Dry Lube operates successfully in breweries in the USA, UK, South Africa and Europe. We have been awarded the biggest dry lubrication contract in the US, resulting in 30% of the domestic beer production being converted to dry lubrication.

Our Customers include MillerCoors, SAB Miller, Heineken, Tennents and ABI.

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We understand the operational requirements of working in a high speed packaging environment. Our product is NSF H1 approved, certified taste free for use on inverted cans and used by leading international soft drinks and water manufactures such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nestle Waters and AG Barr.

It works on all the main production lines including acetyl, stainless steel and mat-top belts and with all the major beverage containers including PET, Glass, Keg and Cans.

Our service is consistently found to improve productivity, line efficiencies, reduce power usage, and remove the need for water based lubricants. This results in substantial cost savings and reduces your environmental impact.

Dry Lube has a track record of providing a dry lubrication service to several dairies. Our service has a marked impact on production line productivity and performance while reducing the use of biocides and bacterial build up on the lines.

The Dry Lubrication product has been tested extensively and is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International. NSF certify products for use or aid in the production of food, water and consumer goods as a safe product in food, beverage, brewing and dairy industries.

Additionally all components of the Dry Lube System are also CE approved.

The Dry Lube system has been proven to work very well on food production lines. The system is currently installed on conveyors carrying a variety of foodstuffs including herbs, spices, jams, sauces and condiments.

Dry Lube is looking to expand its presents in the in the industry.

The Dry Lube system has been successfully trialled on production lines carrying household products such as bleach. For or information please contact us under +44 131 240 1292!

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